Cannabis Trade Association

We are delighted to report that we are now a member of The Cannabis Trade Association

To add to last week’s successful journey, we were informed on Friday the 7th September 2018, that our application to become a Certified Member of the Cannabis Trades Association UK (CTA) was approved.

This means that our company, Thrive, passed the CTA’s screening process and various due diligence checks.

As such, we are now listed on the Certified Companies directory within the CTA website.

When we started Thrive I Pure by Nature, we wanted to do everything by the book.  Gayle found other CBD websites to be confusing and contradictory.  Her search for honesty and transparency was futile, which is why she went out to create a company that would deliver CBD products in way that was simple, straightforward and easy to understand.  And so, we were born.

Becoming a member of the CTA isn’t just another string to our bow, it’s recognition that we not only strive to do the right thing, but the we are indeed meeting all the criteria set by the most respected body in the U.K. We are incredibly proud of our team and how far we’ve come in such a short space of time.

Our Thrive business philosophy is in sync with that of the CTA, below is what we strive at Thrive to achieve:

  1. to pick apart the misconceptions associated with CBD, a very misunderstood solution to our modern world’s afflictions
  2. to educate others about CBD, the products available, what they are, how they work, why they work and where to source
  3. supporting the place that CBD holds in people’s everyday lives, helping others to make an informed decision as to what may benefit them
  4. ensuring that people understand the legalities of what is legal and what is not
  5. and just being a source of help and encouragement, to listen and support, to grow a community of like-minded individuals

Our advice is to start low and grow, being responsible and building up gradually will allow you to personalise your progress, until you have worked out what percentage and frequency works for you.

We are all individual, and as such we all have individual needs, but once you have found your fit, there is no need to increase, simply stick, as it is working.

CBD does not work like a medicine.  It may take a few weeks for you to feel the benefits of CBD Oil, but be patient and monitor your chosen approach and routine.  CBD is not a cure.  It works along with your endocannabinoid system to help better balance the body through homeostasis.  You may need to wake your body up to absorbing CBD.  Kickstart your system with a proven starter Oil.

To support our message of starting low to grow, we offer a range of products from 3% CBD Teas, to 10% and 15% Oils.

Be responsible, if you have a medical health concern, we always encourage you in the first instance to consult your doctor.

Together we thrive #PureByNature.

About the Cannabis Trades Association UK

Cannabis Trades has a mission

Cannabis Trades was formed by a number of founder members who had developing businesses supplying the growing demand for CBD & Hemp based products.

The MHRA statement of opinion in 2016 to classify CBD as a medicine threatened this legitimate trade.

The Association founders came together to create a body to eliminate bad practice in the market and to ensure that member businesses continue to trade legally and ethically in the Hemp and CBD market. We, up until now, have focused on the growing CBD market, but our reach includes hemp and hemp products, which are after all legal definitions of the same plant, Cannabis.

Our members agree to uphold standards based around the ethos of fair and transparent trading conditions ensuring members of the public know who they are dealing with, displaying correct and proper business information, ensuring they trade legally with respect to insurances and registration and above all fairness. No member of the Association will make medical claims nor provide medical or medicinal advice. Lastly no member will slander or denigrate another members’ business.

They are a group of like-minded and honest business men and women who believe that Hemp and Cannabis products have the power to revolutionise modern life. Above all else, our work is to change perceptions based around decades of misinformation and prejudice.