PayPal not CBD’s Pal

Since PayPal launched in 1999, it has become one of the most popular money transfer platforms in the world for all manner of products. So, why doesn’t Thrive offer this payment solution?

PayPal policies mean that when you buy CBD products in the UK, it is not possible to use PayPal as a payment platform. PayPal, due to U.S. law, classes all CBD cannabidiol products as narcotics, which means that the platform does not accept transactions for any hemp derived products.

This may come as a surprise; as anyone who uses Thrive will know, CBD Oils and Teas are completely legal!

Throughout the UK CBD industry and worldwide, there have been reports of PayPal effectively freezing the funds and accounts of those who are found to be selling perfectly legal CBD products in the UK.  There are even petitions through calling for action against this.

So, we at Thrive didn’t even want to go down that road!

This is why we have partnered with QuickPay, who operate at the highest level of security and is certified by the PCI Security Standards Council –

If it’s good enough for world-leading florist Interflora, whose entire business model relies on a robust and reliable online payment platform, it’s good enough for us at Thrive.

Let’s not allow the corporate world of PayPal disrupt our ability to Thrive as an independent boutique retailer of high-quality CBD Oils and Teas.