CBD Tea Prisms 5% – Morning breakfast 30gm


15 x 2.0g prisms / 30gms
Mellow Morning

We are pleased to announce our new Tea Range. Our Hemp naturally produces 5% CBD or around 50mg per gram.

Expertly hand-crafted blend of Hemp, Kenyan Black Tea, designed to wake up the body as a breakfast tea, energise your system for the day ahead, whilst tasting great. Designed to give you the ultimate morning boost. Boasting a touch of caffeine, this delicious tea is the ideal way to start the day and can even be mixed with milk and sugar for the perfect morning brew.

Every pouch contains 15 pyramid teabags each with 1gram of organic Hemp and 1gram of organic Kenyan Black tea. Each teabag boasts 1g of rich Hemp per teabag and makes 3-4 large cups of tea. It is certified organic, GMO, pesticide and THC free.


Directions for use:

  • Steep for 3-5 minutes and drink naturally or with a little milk, honey or lemon etc as per your preferred taste
  • Can be drunk hot or cold
  • Can be added raw to a smoothie for an organic hemp kick!
  • Keep at room temperature to preserve freshness. Store away from humidity, heat, and light
  • Do not refrigerate



  • Organic Hemp
  • Kenyan Black Tea


Additional Information:

  • Derived from hemp that is certified as Organic, GMO and Pesticide free
  • Extracted from the bud, seeds and stalk
  • Blended using the finest roobios flavoured teas on the market
  • Suitable for vegans
  • Packaged in the UK by Thrive
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